Lindsay Community Theater
The Biggest Little Theater in Central California
The very first musical on stage in the Lindsay Theater
Presented by Lindsay High School
Directed by Hal Munter
February 1984
Aunt Eller Tami Beech
Curly Lewis Myers
Laurey Cindy Farrier
Ike Skidmore Richard Martin
Fred David Smith
Slim David Larson
Will Parker Curtis Barville
Jud Fry Eric Williams
Ado Annie Carnes Kris Houston
Ali Hakim Brandon Bessey
Gertie Cummings Mary Jo Brehm
Ellen Nancy Bodine
Kate Jean Willey
Andrew Carnes Eric Smith
Cord Elam Rob Rueda
Faye Chrissy Lencioni
Boy Shay Layman
Girl Amy Vaillette
Girl in Dream Christina Cocerhan
Sylvie Patricia Alvarez
Curly in Dream Cathy Chambers
Laurey in Dream Paula Olson
Jud in Dream Denise Newman
Vivienne Laura Rivera
Armina Diana Salinas
Aggie Maryse Steidley
Virginia Michelle Morrissey
Joe Jeff Dill
Jess Katen Malde
Chalmers Michael Garcia
Mike Karl Kaku
Bill Marshall Lencioni
Sam Tim Bilbrey

Curly and Laurey
Jud Fry and Ali Kakim
Ado Annie and Will Parker
Ali Hakim, Andrew Carnes, and Gerite Cummings
Laurey sings about love to the girls
Square Dancin' at the picnic
More Square Dancin'