Lindsay Community Theater
The Biggest Little Theater in Central California
Lindsay Community Theater

Archangels ($500 or more)
Charles and Sherraine Sheldon
Richard Neilson and Katherine Hall
Lindsay OBF Foundation
Cathy and Don Roark
Jim and Janet Kliegl
Ross and Carolyn Rueger

Angels ($200-$499)
Thomas and Janie Elson
Guy and Joanie Wollenman
Badger Packing

Patrons ($100-$199)
Cheryl Cook
Jeff and Linda Munter
Lawanda Wollenman Survivors Living Trust
Guy and Joanie Wollenman
Suntreat Packing and Shipping
F. O. Fisher Farms
Margaret and Carroll Land
James and Virginia Wilson

Sponsor ($50-$99)
Jann McGuire

Member ($25-$49)
Paul and Suzette Begin
Margaret Stolz

Become a member today
Send donation to LCT, PO Box 986, Lindsay, CA 93247

Lindsay Community Theater
Board of Directors

President: Janet Kliegl
Vice-President: Cheryl Cook
Treasurer: Ross Rueger
Secretary: Carolyn Rueger
Theater Manager: Jim Kliegl
Other Board Members:
Cindy Castro, Jan Owens, Alyson Cook,
Shannon Patterson, Judy Luecke, Linda Jarrett,
Jennifer Keeton, LilyAnn Keeton,
Rose Rains, Jim Keeton, Mike Lenihan

Friends of the Theater: Merced Doria, Pam Martinez, Rosie Regalado, Leonore Serna,
Ellen Blumer, George Pearce, and Karin Dixon

The Lindsay Community Theater is a publicly-owned non-profit corporation. Our purpose is to provide performing arts entertainment for the communities of central California. We present community plays and musicals, children's theater, high school shows, and concerts. All of our staff are volunteers.
Contact us at
PO Box 986, Lindsay, CA 93247
Theater Manager: Jim Kliegl 284 2223 or
Lindsay Community Theater is a publicly-owned non-profit corporation
Theater Address: 190 N Elmwood, Lindsay, CA - PO Box 986
Theater Manager: Jim Kliegl - - 559 284 2223